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Roof Top Solar

Your roof can make you money!  Let the experts at R.E.Solar design a solar system that will meet your needs and maximize your return on investment.  We will show you how to make your power meter spin backwards and save you money with net metering.  The more the price of power increases, the more you benefit from having your own solar system.  We have successfully installed solar systems on roofs of all shapes and sizes across Ontario.  Call us today to get your project off the ground!

Net Metering Job

WHY R.E.Solar?

Experience!  First and foremost we take pride in the amount of experience we have in both residential and commercial solar installations both on and off the grid.  We are a full service solar company.  From a few hundred watts to hundreds of kilowats. We do the job right the first time.  We take pride in using top quality products and providing quality services.  Unlike other solar companies R.E.Solar has qualified, professional, licensed electricians and apprentices on staff.  R.E.Solar is a devision of Roberts Electrical Inc.  From start to finish you are working with one trusted and well established company.   No fly by nights, no sub-contractors, no headaches! 

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